Building and Construction


Architectural integrity is something we all desire when building a home, and that’s exactly what you will get when you work with us. The houses we build are guaranteed to withstand all sorts of weather conditions a house faces in Pakistan, and the aesthetic of the home will not be compromised in the process.

Grey Structure

When working with us, you also have the option to get only a grey structure ready. Our grey structures are some of the finest quality on the market and we will maintain full transparency throughout the whole process regarding materials, time and cost.

Interior Design

Our team will help you design and create the house of your dreams. From your office space to your child’s room, everything will be designed and decorated suitably. We would collaborate with you to work on modern and exquisite designs that fit you best.


You can also get in contact with us if you already have a grey structure built and want us to construct the rest of the house and finish the house in its entirety. This includes everything from turning the grey structure to a home, wardrobes, sanitary, wallpapers, all sorts of lighting, electric fittings, etc.

One Nine promises an extravagant lifestyle featuring top notch amenities.